Tuesday, 16 August 2011


..every time I went to some place, it is called a "soul journey"..
because for me when I driving alone, its  easily remind me every memory..
HAPPINESS..SADNESS..that is the reason why I love to drive alone..
sebab nak jerit pn xde spe nak marah..hehe..
3 days in melaka..like a reunion..dapat lepak dengan haki,apeng,gitat,bob,celam,wan,syampoo,dayak,tenten,lalunalikethis,shashalikethis..
thanks to all of you..who knows, maybe that will be for the last time..but deep in my heart,hopefully there will be another reunions..ni pic2 yg sempat gua snap 3hari kt melaka..x sempat nk edit..

:::xdpt snap pic fariha..but its ok..dpt jumpe n spend mse kjap..tq..;)


Miss Lalunn said...

soul journey sgt. hohoho :)
ser, pic ni nape tak larger kan ? btw thanksssss brontt sbb plan sume ni .hehe.

*sashalikethis?sejak bile dia men like this like this ni ?hahaha ;p

.s.e.r. said...

coz die kn member lalunalikethis..haha..

Miss Lalunn said...

pon boleh eh ? hahaha.. blasah yolahh. weh aku dh edit baru entry gan korang tu.