Saturday, 6 August 2011


every moment.
every second.
every minute.
every hour.
every day.
time is running quick enough.
aware or not, we're getting close.
closer. closer. and closer..

every laugh..
every smile..
every cry..
every sigh..
you tell and you share together..

I know we were just friend..
but you give something which differ..
different from others..

it's a's a happiness..
you make me cry..
you make me disappointed..
you make me smile..
you make me laugh..
you make me happy..

no matter what..
no matter how..
no matter why..
I appreciate who you're..


.s.e.r. said...

xmngkn ak bg die..cincin ni ak pny..ade satu je..;)

Miss Lalunn said...

chaittt. ko bukan dh ade cincin name ko sendiri ke ? nasuha kasi ? ;p

.s.e.r. said...

yg tu da lame hilang la..sdeh gler kot..