Tuesday, 9 August 2011

belajar sikit-sikit..step by step ser..

CAMERA EXPOSURE..What is exposure??I searched and I found this..

"In photography, 'exposure' means the amount of light that falls onto the sensor of your digital camera. In modern cameras the exposure is usually set to automatic by default and, most of the time, it can be left there and will produce beautiful pictures. There are times though, when the camera lets us down or we want to produce a particular effect and it would be nice to understand what is going on 'under the hood'.
Getting a 'correct' exposure means recording as much of the relevant information in the scene as possible. In the shot on the left, the important information is the bird. The sky has gone completely white as it was much, much brighter than the bird. If I had let the meter expose for the sky, the bird would have been rendered as a black silhouette.
Even when the exposure is 'correct' the problem with all cameras is that they cannot record the entire range of contrast (black to white) that the eye can see. Especially when you take into account that the eye is constantly adjusting to cope with high contrast. On a sunny day if you look into the shadows of a scene then into the bright areas, the iris in your eye will quickly adjust so you can see detail in both.
Faced with the task of recording as much information as possible, the camera will try to average out all the light levels and expose accordingly. As burnt out highlights are normally considered uglier than black shadows, the camera, left to it's own devices, will normally err on the dark side. Which is no good if you are shooting against a bright background. It's the subject you want to see, and you don't really care if the background is white.."

:: I never went to photography class or whatsoever and that is the reason why my pic always has a mistake..hehehe..

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